Dear Veronique

I was debating on what to get you for being such an amazing teacher to me the last few years.  I could not think of anything I could buy that was going to be good enough so I thought by doing you a reading for 2014 then you could reflect on this over the year.  I hope this is ok.

You have given me the courage and determination to start my own business and have always been there with advice for me when I have needed it.  I cannot thank you enough for being such a truly wonderful teacher.  If I make a difference to even one person’s life the way you have made a difference to mine then my work as a teacher will be worthwhile.

With Love


Dear Veronique

A few words to say the biggest thank you ever for the most truly amazing journey I have ever experienced. I have never felt so special and humble at the same time ever in my life as I did on that day. I will never ever forget the attunement you gave me, I felt we were in the middle of the most amazing and special ceremony amongst so many angels and higher beings of light, the love and light was so strong. I also cannot believe how absolutely fantastic I feel after the aura cleansing with Krishan, that was the most powerful feeling ever which really took me by surprise!!

I will finish now by saying how truly blessed I am to have met you Veronique and I know that I am always going to work closely with you and I look forward to this journey. I also want to wish you and Mike and the rest of your family all the love and light from my heart .

I look forward to seeing you soon

Lots and lots of love and light to you.

Theresa x x x

Hi Veronique,

Just to say how much I enjoyed the course with you. I am very much enjoying being a Reiki Master.

I have set up my own little room for practicing Reiki and the energy is building nicely. I am also in the process of producing leaflets to open my own practice, which I am looking forward to.

Would you believe I have started Tai Chi. It goes together with Reiki very well. Last night we did an exercise called ‘hugging the tree’ where you stand with your arms as if around a tree with your fingers pointing to each other but not touching (about 4″ apart). I could actually see the energy between my fingers just like a heat haze, amazing.

I believe I have started a new book in my life thanks to the Reiki, which began with chapter one.

I look forward to chapter two. I will keep my eye open for your ‘crystal courses’.

Love and best wishes


Hi Veronique,

Thank you for a lovely two days we shared together, I feel we where both blessed with so much love and experiences. I did not want the course come to an end, but all good things must at some point.

Thank you so much for the healing you gave me, I got home at 10.15pm, traffic was all ok, and all our guides where looking after me, As i’am writting this Ingrid is sitting one of her exams, thank you for sending energy to the suituation.

If i can help in anyway with your sister just let me know. Tell her to keep asking for my healings if she wants to.

I feel really great in myself and energised, I feel that a block about money has cleared, thank you. When all has settled down, will contact you for meet up about other course.

But for now love and light to you all.

Steven xx

Dear Veronique,

Thankyou for your lovely email. I am just confirming that Anona and I will be there as early as we can on Monday.

I am so pleased you had a great experience at Margam Park. Really Veronique, what you are doing for people around the world is absolutely amazing. You have been my main inspiration since the first day I set foot in your magical healing space, and experiencing Reiki with you has changed the course of my life. Thankyou for all your hard work. It is really appreciated.

I look forward to catching up with you on Monday,

With much love,


Dear Veronique,

Following the Angels & Ascension day I have been meaning to write and thank you for such a wonderful day. I was so full of grief when I arrived that I could hardly focus on anything, but during the Archangel Raphael healing the sadness lifted and was replaced with a sense of peace and calmness. It really did me the world of good. I have felt great ever since, though I am meditating and asking for angelic help every day so as not to lose the feeling of centredness.

I also wanted to tell you that I started (voluntary) work last week at the PDSA and I absolutely love it! I’ve been thrown in at the deep end and been doing quite challenging operations from day one. The strange thing is it feels like I’ve never been away even though I’ve not operated for 9 years! I’ve been giving Reiki to the patients on the quiet as I don’t want to make an issue of it yet, but eventually I would love to give proper Reiki sessions to the animals. I’ll have to find a job in an open-minded private practice first…

I would love to come to your day on August 19th. I will have to ask my mother to have the children, but I will almost certainly be able to come. I’ll let you know for certain as soon as I can.

Once again, many, many thanks for helping me feel so much better,

With much love,


Dearest Véronique ,

I’ve been enjoying feeding my seeds and I have had some powerful experiences. On Sunday I was sat in the garden talking to my husband Wes about a meditation I’d done the day before with a group of Reiki healers (we meet once a month). As I was talking about it 3 buzzards appeared directly above my head. It’s not unusual for me to see 2 or 3 buzzards. The unusual thing was that 2 more buzzards appeared (this has never happened before) and the 5 of them started performing a magnificent flying display right above my head. I noticed the symbol of the pentagram, a circle, the directions with a buzzard in the centre. Then suddenly the Earthkeepers were talking directly to me. There was a buzzard for the Earthkeepers, Daykeepers, Wisdomkeepers and Starkeepers and the 5th buzzard was a collective of my other guides. Very clear message that buzzard is a power animal for me. Also very strong message that all the elements of earth, water, fire, air and Spirit are working with me. A message that I’m on the right path and the Earthkeepers are there for me. It was very powerful and I was moved to tears. I’ll never forget it.

I’m loving the Munay-Ki very, very much!

Hi Veronique,

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed the course, and the atmosphere and environment was incredibly healing. I didn’t want to leave!

I have had some clearing – I cried a bit in the car on the way home, for no apparent reason. And I have been feeling exhausted every day. Also a bit of a headache which I have had since the 4th attunement (you said your hands got very hot on my head, so something was happening in there!!) BUT also some good things. I have found my intuition seems to have increased amazingly. Also, to cut a long story short, we have been waiting 4 years for some progress to do with my mothers Will when she died. We have had many setbacks and delays in this time. Then, on Tuesday, I had a call from my lawyer to say everything is now done and the waiting is over! I can’t help but think the Reiki had something to do with this blockage.

It was lovely to meet you, and I would love to do Reiki 2 in November if that’s still going ahead. Also could you tell me when the next Munay Ki rites courses will be? Are you still doing them?

Kind Regards,

Hi Veronique

I would just like to say how very much I enjoyed the time spent with you and the Reiki attunements, thank you for making the Usui Reiki Master Teacher course so special. It really meant a lot to me.

We are planning to come back to your Reiki share in October and again after that when you are teaching level 1 and 2. This however might not be until the spring.

I feel blessed having met you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thank you again

Love and blessings

Sally x

Hi Veronique

I just wanted to let you know that had my first full day of paid Reiki, Life coaching etc and just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me make my new life possible and for the offer of space at your beautiful place which you know I love !! I’m still putting the finishing touches to cards and leaflets etc.

All my love love bless Andrea

♥ Merci Milles Fois xx

Hi Veronique,

Just to say how much I enjoyed the course with you. I am very much enjoying being a Reiki Master.

I have set up my own little room for practicing Reiki and the energy is building nicely. I am also in the process of producing leaflets to open my own practice, which I am looking forward to.

Would you believe I have started Tai Chi. It goes together with Reiki very well. Last night we did an exercise called ‘hugging the tree’ where you stand with your arms as if around a tree with your fingers pointing to each other but not touching (about 4″ apart). I could actually see the energy between my fingers just like a heat haze, amazing.

I believe I have started a new book in my life thanks to the Reiki, which began with chapter one.

I look forward to chapter two.

I will keep my eye open for your ‘crystal courses’.

Love and best wishes


Dear Veronique,

Thankyou for a truly wonderful weekend: my heart is still singing with it, though so sad it is over! I went and danced on the mountain yesterday evening around my beautiful stones i had bought from you, dancing this sacred munay ki journey of spirit on the land. I need to keep weaving them back and forth, because they so much belong together. I really appreciate the work you are doing and the way that you are doing it so deeply. You are a wonderful guardian for that sacred valley, and it seems so far from coincidence that the munay ki rites are being given from such a place. It is all so beautiful.

I have been thinking, and a message came to me so strongly on the mountain, that I would love to do the reiki attunements with you.

Would this be possible for the early May dates? I know you have said you have alot of people signing up, and maybe there isn’t room. Do let me know, it would be wonderful to talk about this.

Once again, just thankyou so much.

Love & Blessings, Emmaxx

Hi Veronique

What an amazing couple of days in the true sense of the word. Daniele said he almost cried when he fed his seeds for the Starkeepers on Saturday! The connections are very strong for both of us and I think the Munay Ki used in conjunction with Reiki is a very powerful healing and protection tool. Once I have opened a sacred space and felt the good protective energies arrive I realise I don’t want to perform Reiki or any other spiritual act at all without that around me. The pain in my heart chakra has not returned since the extraction. I deeply respect the way you teach and the way you communicate on the same level as your students. This encourages people to share their experiences in a comfortable environment without feeling belittled or less connected.
Much Love and Gratitude


Dear Veronique,

I hope you’re very well. The Shamanic Healing and Munay Ki weekend was so very beautiful. Margaret and I were saying that it felt like a homecoming. You have such a gift for holding sacred space. Thankyou.

I am loving the Fire Ceremonies. It is a sacred time of connecting with those Luminous Beings whose presence I am finding so enchanting and deep. There is also the Angelic connection through you that seems to have come through from that weekend. I felt as though my whole energy system was undergoing alignment and awakening after the weekend.
Much love and best wishes, Emma


I absolutely loved the course, thank you for your wonderful way of teaching, your meditations were wonderful, your voice is soft and gently lead us to where we needed to be. The Mill energies and the Karuna energies are perfect partners! You have a very beautiful place and a very wonderful space in which to help others on their Ascension path.


Hi Veronique,

Munay-ki what can I say, a great experience and I feel so different. Many thanks for your great experience and skill as a spiritual guide and teacher, I feel blessed and honour to be able to work with you.

I will send you a cheque and booking form for the Ascension Techniques (level 2),

I look forward to seeing you in August.

Angelic Blessings


Dear Veronique

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the crystal healing course with you on Saturday. The combination of your teaching, the beautiful surroundings and your lovely food made the whole day enchanting. I have felt so uplifted, but calm since the course, and have been sleeping through the night without waking for literally the first time in many years. Many thanks,


Dearest Veronique,

I would like to thank you for this last weekend. You will never know what you have done for me this weekend. I felt like I was a hollow shell when I arrived, all I knew was that I needed help. It was just meant to be that you did the first healing on me. I was so overwhelmed and the feeling was so incredibly intense and I couldn’t help crying.

A completely new course has been set in my life. I came home and have already ordered a few books. I searched and searched for the Violet Flame one and can’t find it anywhere. Please will let you let me know it’s name and author again?

Once again, I thank you from the deepest of my heart for giving me my life back! You are a very special person! Angel blessings


Morning Veronique,

Re Munay Ki Rites: I applied self Reiki this morning after having received the Munay Ki rites and my hands were extremely hot, hotter than usual . I also did the ceremony of the fire and felt some kind of tingling on my head. My sleep has improved in the last two nights and I have noticed that after receiving the rites I feel so different!. When I fell asleep during the attunement (was this a problem?), I confess there was a moment that I felt completely relaxed like never in my life. Hope you and your family are OK and please keep me in you prayers and your Crystal grid as support would be deeply appreciated. All the best, with Love, Golden Light and Angelic Dust, Horacio

Dear Veronique,

Thank for such a wonderful and enlightening day yesterday. We learned so much about how crystals can help us in our daily lives. It was a truly inspiring workshop. We came knowing so very little about crystals but left with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you also for a wonderful, healthy lunch and for making us feel so welcome and relaxed.
We hope to meet again.

Take care.

Kind regards.

Duncan, Gail and Stephanie

Dear Veronique,

I have just finished (come round!) from a good hour and a half session of self Reiki. I am astounded at how effective it was, how completely relaxed I now feel. When I worked on my throat I felt the progress, that you had begun yesterday, I no longer feel so choked with the emotion that was stuck there.

Thank you so much for the wonderful day, it was so good to see you again and learn these techniques from you. I feel that you are such a magical soul, I am truly honoured to know you.

I have begun to work on Charlotte (my daughter) she was a little worked up during the drive home, I sat in the seat behind her and placed my hands on her head, she responded very well, I could, for the first time, really feel her energy. I know that this is the beginning of our healing together, after a long period of stress and illness. I cannot begin to thank you enough for coming into our lives and showing us how we can work with the light, you have really helped to change the atmosphere here in our home and in our hearts.

I look forward to continuing on this path under your guidance, progressing through the Reiki levels and finally becoming what I have always dreamed of, a healer! Warm wishes and the brightest of blessings to you and your family.


Dear Veronique,

Yesterday was just wonderful – I enjoyed every moment – thank you.

Taking us all out to your beautiful, healing woods was inspired and very much appreciated… oh my – I felt so good out there!!

I had a client this morning… in her home, so I sent Reiki energy there before I left my home. I could feel the difference when I arrived, and the treatment was enhanced because of it. It is quite amazing isn’t it….

Thank you too for your very delicious soup, your warm welcome, and your excellent teaching…. you are incredibly good at it… oh, and I think your prices are most reasonable.

Looking forward to Reiki 3…
Take very good care of you
Blessed be

Dear Veronique,

Just a little note to say Thank you for a lovely day on Sunday, Dave and I really got a lot out of your workshop and Dave’s back is a lot better now.

Sandy and Dave

Dear Veronique,

Thank you so much for a wonderful day, I really really enjoyed it. I am hoping to do my Reiki Masters as soon as I am ready.

Jane Chambers

Dear Veronique,

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the Crystal and Reiki II workshop last year and how well put together the day was. You structured them both so well and the energies were really flowing well because of this and the confidence you inspired. The lunch was a real feast. I look forward to attending your Angels workshop and hearing about Reiki Karuna.

Dawn Granjard

Dear Veronique,

Thank you so much for your invitation to join with you today and for a most delicious lunch I think that your students are very lucky to have such a caring and nurturing Reiki Master
Jean Clack

Dear Veronique,

Thank you for a lovely day, I really enjoyed doing Reiki 1 and I am looking forwards to doing Reiki 2 in April, please let me have a booking form as soon as you can.
Diane Phillips-Levine

Dear Veronique,

Thank you very much for such a lovely day, you have a beautiful home and made such a tasty lunch, we are all very grateful to you. I have certainly noticed a calmness within me and my approach with the children. Both Karen and I have been practising the self healing each day, i am very keen to continue with Reiki and certainly would love to be a Reiki master
Krishan, Karen and all the children at Little Angels xx

Dear Veronique,

Thank you for a wonderful day. My new e-mail is set up so you can keep in touch.
Thanks again,

Dear Veronique,

Just to thank you for a memorable day. Although I had read a little about “Reiki”, I did’nt really know what to expect. The day was brilliant in every way, and I was happy that we were a small group as it made it feel more personal and relaxing. The meditation and the attunements blew my mind, it was a very moving experience. I do feel ( and so does Frank ), changed, but cannot explain exactly how. Its as though life is going to be different from now on. It feels a little scary but exciting at the same time. Looking forward to Reiki 2 ( when the time is right).

Thank you once again
Peace and love
Marcie and Frank

P.S Lunch was superb

Hi Veronique,

I am having loads of fun with my Reiki using it on my self ,I have memorised the 3 symbols and the mantras. Feeling Great.
Thank you
Scott Taylor

Dear Veronique,

I’d like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the weekend with you at the mill. It felt like I’d been on a health farm for a week. It was much needed

Dear Veronique,

Many thanks for last Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole of the day, but it really flew by. Your CD helped me so much this week, I’ve been into hospital for a small op and I’m usually wound up like a spring, but with the help of your relaxation CD, every thing went so calmly that I don’t recall much of what happened!

Thanks again


Carers Support Scheme for Northampton East

Dear Veronique,

Thank you for your hard work last Saturday.. Many carers have commented very positively on the workshop that you presented. Due to the days success we intend to plan a similar day next year, we hope that you will be able to come along.

Best Wishes

Nicola Holland

Support Arthritis Care Haverfordwest – Pembs

Dear Veronique,

So many thanks for your excellent talk to our branch members. It was thoroughly enjoyed.
Bernard Coldicott

Pembrokeshire Women in Mind

Dear Veronique

Thank you very much for your excellent workshop on Relaxation Techniques.
Feedback on the evaluation forms was full of praise for the content and the way you put it all across. Comments included ” First class leadership”, “Professional handouts” and “more please”.
So thank you and I hope we will have the funding to invite you again some time.
Yours sincerely

Anne Fearon

The Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire

Dear Veronique,

Thank you for attending our conference last week end and running the session on positive thinking. I heard from the families that attended that they found it really interesting. It was really kind of you top help us at such short notice.

I hope that we can call on you again at future events.

Yours sincerely

Anita J Macaulay

Executive Director

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