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Relative Happiness is happiness that depends on things outside ourselves, such as affluence or social standing. While the happiness such things bring us is certainly real, it shatters easily when external conditions changes.

Absolute Happiness, on the other hand, is something we must find within. It means establishing a state of life in which we are never defeated by difficulties, and where just being alive is a source of great joy. Absolute Happiness is something that does not change with time; it is eternal; it is a sense of happiness that is unaffected by external factors, welling forth from the depths of one’s life. This kind of happiness persists no matter what we might be lacking, or what might happen around us.

The aim of our retreats is to help and guide you in finding happiness within . We will show you ways to raise your life force/ your inner energy to make you shine, ways to train your mind to be in the present moment and ways to use your past experiences to strengthen your life and to uplift your spirit.

Be connected to your authentic self and live life abundantly.

Our venues are carefully selected to give you a chance to truly relax and unwind, some are close to woodlands, others are near the sea or close to rivers and mountains. Our groups are kept small to give you a chance to connect with each other and for us to give you all the attention you deserve. We offer non residential one and two day retreats throughout the year. We pride ourselves in being able to offer you retreats at an affordable price.

2019 Courses

2019 Courses in Wales

Introduction to Mindfulness

14th of July Tools for Less Stress and More Happiness

Location: Old Village School Hall in Moylegrove

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Earth Healing Treasures

Dates: 28th Sep - Non residential
Venue: Felindyrch, Mynachlogddu

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Total Relaxation & Wellbeing

Dates: 11th May - Non residential -
Venue: Old School Hall in Moylegrove

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Each one of our retreats offers a different theme and will introduce you to a choice of holistic practices and complementary therapies. We are a team of qualified and experienced teachers/therapists. Appointments can be made directly with anyone of us to receive further training or treatment.

2019 Courses

Here are some of the topics covered in our retreats:
Qi Gong, Yoga, Dancing, Angels, Crystals, Reiki, Sound Healing, Guided Visualisations and Meditation, Breathing Techniques for relaxation, Shamanic journeying, Gong Bath, Ayurveda Medicines, Healthy Nutrition, Aromatherapy for home use. Herbalism for home use. Bach Flower Remedy.

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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you are looking at change” Wayne Dyer.

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful” Thich Nhat Hanh

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi